Hatzolah’s History

The Hebrew word “Hatzolah” means “to save” or “to rescue”. The organization’s first unit was founded in the late 1960’s in Williamsburg by Rabbi Hershel Webber, who sensed the need for a volunteer ambulance service that would address the religious needs of the Jewish community and improve on EMS response time. After starting out as a first aid group which was basically trained in CPR and carried an oxygen tank, Hatzolah grew and expanded, with Gd’s help, eventually evolving into the internationally-renowned organization that it is today. With over 80 ambulances and over 2000 EMT volunteers, Hatzolah is now the largest volunteer EMS (emergency medical services) and ambulance provider in the United States. Its volunteers operate in New York, New Jersey, California, Maryland, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois and Pennsylvania. Hatzolah also has branches outside the U.S., in places such as Israel, South Africa, Switzerland, Mexico City, Belgium, England and Australia. Worldwide, the organization has over 5000 vehicles and over 15,000 volunteers.

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